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Finding Time for the Things I Love

When people ask me about stitching and weaving in particular, or about handmade objects in general, their reasons for not attempting them often have a similar refrain -- I just don't have the time! And my response is often very similar in every instance -- if you find a craft or artform that you love, time will find you. You will rearrange and cut corners in other areas once you find something that you love to do.

I have tried a whole lot of projects in the last 50 years. Woodworking was not my thing. Knitting and crochet were fun, but I grew bored quickly. I love quilting, but each project seems like such a major undertaking that I hesitate to start.

I have come to realize that my favorite fiber arts are crewel and other embroidery, needlepoint, weaving, and cross stitch, and cross stitch is really my passion. So I make time to do these things when all my necessary tasks are done, even putting some necessary things off just a bit so that I can weave or stitch. Once you find a handmade craft or skill that you love that much, then you know where your passion lies.

I work part-time as a wizard in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando. I have breaks before and during my shift, usually only ten or fifteen minutes. But I always have a small cross stitch project to work on during my breaks. Over the last three years, just working during my breaks, I have completed ten cross stitch projects. Here is a picture of nine of those.

Why do I cross stitch during breaks? I have always hated wasting time. I don't like spending every moment checking my phone. I like to feel that I have accomplished something. So you will likely find me stitching when I have nothing else to do.

What handmade project motivates you? How can you find time to work on it, even if just a few moments in the midst of a busy day?

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