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More Wedding Talk

On Wednesday I highlighted a wonderful, handmade gift that we received as a wedding gift. That got me thinking about other gifts that we received, and about other opportunities for giving handmade objects to newlyweds. So I'm going to muse a bit more today and carry forward with a third discussion later in the week.

Our cousins David and Meg had this wonderful pottery piece done at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia. Every time we take it out for the holidays, we think about our wedding day and about all the family and friends who joined us on that occasion. We had 320 people at our wedding, so there was lots of love to go around.

My brother was working in stained glass in 1990, and he created a very special piece for us with lots of symbolism. He used a steeple sort of design to give homage to the church, knowing that I was serving as a pastor at the time. The two sides are blue and gray, representing northern and southern heritage from Julie and I. And he used the Love stamp design that we sent along as we mailed our wedding invitations. There is also a wedding ring circling the doves. This glass piece hangs over our sink in the kitchen and is a constant source of remembrance.

Whether you make them yourself or commission them, handmade wedding gifts survive long after appliances have failed and gift certificates have been spent.

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