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A Legacy of School

Happy New Year! Now that I am back in place after the holidays, I am excited for my first blog post of 2020.

When our oldest son was an infant, I discovered an idea of making a scrapbook for each child that reflected the unique flavor of their school experiences. Beginning with pre-school, I gathered papers, photos, and other artifacts from each year. But to make it even more unique, I had each child's teacher write a note to that child as if they were addressing them on the day of their high school graduation.

Over the years, my children's teachers were honored to be asked to contribute to the project. I had lovely handwritten notes, typed letters, and lots of good memories of each child at the age when the notes were written. Finally, just a few months before high school graduation, I compiled each set of letters and mementos in chronological order. The book was too large for one scrapbook, so I had to combine two for each child.

Here are photos of the scrapbook compiled for my youngest son, Graham.

Start creating your own school memories while there is still time!

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