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The Legacy of Handmade Objects

I am relaunching my blog this week and focusing on The Legacy of Handmade Objects. I have become fascinated with the variety of ways that we humans have conceived of ways to create, and I am particularly focused on how these objects become part of the legacy that we leave for others.

I have been blessed by those who came before me who created objects with their hands. The very act of creation leaves a bit of their essence in the handmade items that surround me today. From the tablecloth that my Granny Sligh crocheted to the wooden paper towel rack that my father crafted, I can look at those items and be carried back to another time and place.

I want my readers to come along with me on this journey of discovery. I want to explore all the many ways that creating things with our hands enriches life. I want to explore crafts and art forms that are new to me but which provide hours of enjoyment for others. I do know that the work that we do with our hands that is the best is that which gives us pleasure and feeds our passions.

Come along with me on this voyage of discovery -- The Legacy of Handmade Objects.

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