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Handmade Culture

Handmade objects are some

of the first things we find surrounding us in life that reflect our cultural identity, be it ethnic, religious, geographic, or familial. These objects connect us back to themes and images that our parents, grandparents, and generations before them found comforting and familiar.

We visited one of our favorite local festivals this weekend, the Greek Festival in Orlando. We love the food and always manage to find something that we have not tried before. Food is a handmade object that connects us to our culture as well, even though it is more temporary in nature than objects of wood or fabric. I will explore some of the value of the legacy of food in some future posts.

But I always find myself drawn to the handmade objects with symbols that reflect Greek culture. We saw images that reflect the faith of the Greek Orthodox tradition, and brightly colored fabric arts that illuminate memories of the Greek Isles and the many shade of blue and green and red that make that world so colorful. Soaps combine smells with various colors and memories. Metal objects were both utilitarian and made to create music. Leather objects reflect skill on both preparation and artistry.

What sort of cultures are represented in your home, office, or in your community? What handmade objects tell others about the cultures of your environment?

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