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This is a cross stitch work created from a photograph that my daughter Mary took in Athens, Greece.  The piece has 60,000 stitches and was a gift for Mary's graduation from the University of Pittsburgh.

This is my son Carter's graduation gift from Oberlin College.  It is a building on the Oberlin campus from a photograph.

To round out the set, this is a cross stitch work from a photograph of the University of Virginia for my son Graham's graduation last year.

I created this cross stitch of a country scene in the South for Julie right after we were married in 1990.

This is a cross stitch of my family tree next to that of my wife Julie.

Cactus flowers from Arizona.

Covered bridge in spring.

This bell pull was created from a pattern I purchased in Australia on our honeymoon in 1990.

I created this set of two works for my parents when my children were little. This is my father, Kinzie Lee Sligh, with my three children.

Here is my mom, Joyce Berlie Cawley Sligh, with all three grandchildren.

We spent a summer in Chicago as a family in 2005 and visited one of Frank Lloyd Wright's homes while there.  This piece was made from a pattern purchased there, and the photo shows us in front of the same window that is featured.

One of my favorite projects through the years has been creating Christmas stockings.  My son Carter Lee Sligh.

My youngest son Graham Simpson Sligh.

A stocking for Mary Cawley Sligh.

Julie's Christmas stocking.

A stocking for our great niece Abby Simpson.

Little miss Olivia Barnhart.

Here are stockings made for Julie and Ellen Arrowsmith.

Our family stockings ready for Christmas.

This family tree work was a wedding gift for our nephew Brandon and his wife Adrienne.

A Christmas hand towel.

My wife's sister, Susan Simpson, died in 1994, just a few weeks before our son Graham was born.  Julie and I designed the family cross stitch piece here to remember Susan, and I stitched copies for all of her siblings.

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